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Green Hippo HD 16 Layer

High Definition media playback is becoming more and more accepted as the default resolution for large scale projection and display of media. There are plenty of players out there that will do the job. But what if you want the quality of true High Definition media playback but with the realtime functionality of a media server? Let us introduce you to the .

Sample description is the most powerful media server on the market today. As with all servers, you can add effects, manipulate the media with thousands of combinations and all without compromising the rock-solid playback engine at the heart of the system. For many devices the strain of large HD format files means unreliable playback and trade off in quality. The Green Hippo uses the latest hardware and highly optimised software to ensure your quality isn't compromised when you want to push the envelope.

Add effects, rotate, colour and scale your media. Do all this in realtime from the built-in timeline with confidence. Connect together several using HippoNet and you have the controls to create events on scales previously only dreamt of.