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Moving Head - DigitalSpot Light

DigitalSpot is ROBE’s Digital Moving Light Projector, based upon LCD and LED technology. This unique combination of a digital projector and two powerful RGBW LED modules offers amazing digital gobo effects and the projection of highly saturated colours – all in a single moving light fixture. The DigitalSpot emits 7.000 ANSI lumens from a single 330W projection lamp with an awesome contrast ratio of 3,000:1. Each of its two LED modules consists of 48 Luxeon Rebel RGBW LEDs and provides an extremely bright light output across the full colour spectrum. Offering DVI input and SDI input/output, the DigitalSpot is aimed at the top level professional markets and applications. Its brightness makes it one of the highest output and most affordable digital moving light projectors currently available. The DigitalSpot is an ideal tool for all profesional entertainment and leisure applications including corporate events, concert touring, TV and theatres.